Magical melodies

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In the din that surrounds me, a place of quiet I seek to find,
But the every where I go is restless, just like the state of my mind.
My life seems to be empty and I've lost direction,
I am scared now of yet another rejection.
As I walk towards nowhere,
I hear few strains of music in the air. 
The notes have an aura of their own,
It is seems to be the best piece of music I've known.
I'm drawn now to the place from where it comes,
I hear closely, there is no violin nor drums.
The music comes from a flute,
And the surrounding din is now on mute.
I listen closely and the music I enjoy,
It is like it has turned on within me the switch of joy.
A soothing calm sweeps me,
And now my spirit feels free.
The flute seemed to have worked it magic,
And I realize my life isn't that tragic.
If the emptiness in a flute when filled properly can make magical melodies,
Why can't I fill my life's emptiness and make wonderful memories? 

This poem is written for Set the Challenge Sunday at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 5 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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