Is it my fault?

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I was always told to be nice to people around and that I always did. A life of honesty I was asked to lead and I spoke the truth always. But then there were people who took me for granted and made fun of my values. And I can never forget that day when I was caught for a crime I didn't commit but my friends did. I was only there to tell them that they were wrong and it would be better for them to do something to make the situation better. And they made the situation better- for themselves! When the police came there, they all escaped and I was the last one standing there. The police wouldn't listen anything of what I wanted to say. And here I am languishing behind the bars only because I couldn't prove that I was innocent. Was it really my fault that I told others to be good?

This post is written for Wordplay #6 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 6 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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