In Nature's arms

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The white clouds shone brightly on the blue sky. The air was fresh. The beautiful lilies swayed and it seemed as if they were moving their heads to the music of nature. The clear lake was an embodiment of serenity. The mighty rocks looked like silent sentinels guarding this  treasure of nature. The whispering breeze made it seem that nature had something to talk about. And I watched her as she danced in glee as the waves crashed on the shore and the sand tickled her naked feet. She looked happier than she’d ever been. It was these things that I’d taken for granted and now watching her enjoy it made me realize what I had since my childhood. The life in the city had made her sad and moody and her she was savouring every moment. It was a welcome change for her and for me as well for this was the place that I could truly call home. If wishes were to be granted, I would definitely wish to be here forever. 
This post is written for Weekend Wordle #8 at A prompt each day and for Day 25 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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