I wish...

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I wish I could be happy in a world of own. I would be the reason of my happiness. I wish I could be more content with the little things that make me happy rather than leading a busy life chasing the deadlines that don’t really mean anything to me. I wish could work towards fulfilling the dreams that really matter to me.
I wish I could let go of all the things that make me sad, angry and mad. Those moments of peace which I never had, I wish I could have them now. I know that life is a mix of both joys and sorrows and I know that I have to get past both- but I wish I had some more strength to face all the challenges that come my way.
I wish I had more time. I hate leading this mechanical life. I wish I had more time for those happy moments- those walks leading to nowhere in particular, those random talks about anything and everything under the sun, those book reading sessions, those moments of solitude in nature’s embrace. I wish I didn’t have to rush through life. I wish I could savour every moment one at a time.
I wish you would understand me a little more. I wish you would trust me. I wish you didn’t have to give up and I wish even I didn’t have to give up. Those times, those memories did mean a lot. I wish things would remain that way. But life is never static isn’t it? I wish moving on was easy. I wish it was easier to forgive.  I wish I always could have someone to cheer me up when I’m feeling low. I wish I had people to bank upon in times of need.
But do you know what more do I wish for? I wish I could be the one to bring smiles on the faces of people around. I wish I could be the helping hand to those in need. I wish I could understand the people around me better. I wish I could be the one to motivate others to never give up. I wish I could make someone’s day better. I wish I could be the shoulder to cry on when someone’s sad. I wish that I could make the world a little better each day. Because may be in these wishes will I find real happiness! I wish I could be a better me.

This post is written for Set the challenge Sunday #8 at A prompt each day and for Day 26 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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