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Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are sad, 
But a magic portion to be happy forever we wish we always had. 
The things that we yearn to give us joy are many, 
But why is that when we need to be happy the most we don’t find any?
 Happiness to some means loads of wealth,
For few it is blessing of health. 
It is joy that you feel when you make someone smile,
 It is happiness to break away from your routine once in a while.
 Happiness is a cup of coffee with a book in hand for a few, 
Whereas for some it is discovering something new.
 Some find happiness in others joy,
 Others find it in the success of their wicked ploy. 
There are always many things that make us happy, 
And also there are things that make us feel crappy. 
Happiness may be short or long, 
Depends whether your reason is weak or strong. 
The quest for happiness will only bear fruit,
 When the reason to be happy has goodness deep in its roots.
 The choice is now yours my dear friend, 
So better find genuine happiness before the journey of life comes to an end.

Writing this post for Day 1 of Ultimate Blog Challenge 

Yes I am taking up this challenge again! Hope I complete it like the last two times when I took up this challenge. 

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