A journey, not a destination!

Problems are present in everyone’s lives but it seemed that problems never wanted to let go off her. Just when one problem was solved there was always another one demanding her attention. And the problems she faced weren’t silly issues- there was her parents’ health to worry about and then her siblings who always kept asking her for help with all their problems and as if that wasn’t enough, she had a lot of issues at work too. But people always kept wondering why she would be smiling always if she had to face so many problems. Yes she had smile on her face- but that wasn’t the case before.
Not long before she had decided to give it all up and run away from her problems. But the running away didn’t help. She had her goals in mind but was nowhere close to where she wanted herself to be. And then one day as if like a blessing in disguise she met with an accident that changed her life. Those days spent on the hospital bed were the days of her transformation. It was when she had escaped death that she’d realized how much life was worth. May be she hadn’t reached where she wanted to be, but then she could always take a step closer to it. And giving it all up would only ensure that she never reached her goals. There was so much to learn from life each day and so much to improve. Life wasn’t destination after all- it was a journey!

This post is written for Quotes #6 at A prompt each day and for Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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