Life is precious!

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As the waves crashed on the shore and withdrew to sea, I felt the sea calling out to me and drawing me into its depths and I kept walking deeper into the sea. Life was a lot worse than what I had expected it to be and with my only pillar of strength gone now, I had given up hope and I’d made up my mind to give up my life as well. That’s the reason I was here by the seaside and it was ironic as the seaside was once my happy place until that day from when all my problems began. I looked back to take one final glance at the shore and bid goodbye when I saw a lady frantically calling out for help to save her kid who was drowning and I forgot about everything else and I swam to the child and with great difficulty managed to bring her safely to the shore. As I tried gathering my thoughts, the mother of the child came to me and thanked me profusely and I couldn’t respond as I kept thinking that a little while ago I was the one who was about to take my own life and now I’d saved two- the kid’s and mine.  

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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