A dance in the rain

I stood outside her place waiting for her. We had decided rather she had decided to go to her favourite place down the highway for lunch. I couldn’t refuse as it wasn’t always that she asked for something from me. “Give me five minutes”, she said. I was a stickler for time and I hated to wait. “And those five minutes mean an hour”, I thought to myself as I kept staring at the dark clouds gathering in the sky which threatened to ruin our plans for lunch. I was already hungry as I’d skipped breakfast. Yeah! I always did that! “Hi”, she called out to me. I looked at my watch and then looked at her. She looked beautiful and she was ready in the exact five minutes that she had asked of me. I was impressed. I gave her quick compliment and we got into my car.
The drive to the restaurant took us an hour and she kept talking about her life. I pretended to listen to her and kept giving her polite nods every now and then to make her feel that I was listening. But maybe she understood that I wasn’t listening and kept looking outside through the window. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to listen to her- I wanted to. But none of the things that she spoke about made sense to me or interested me in any manner. But I wasn’t like this before. I loved talking to the people around me and I loved listening to their stories as well. But an incident from my past had changed that. Just when I was about to go down the memory lane, we reached the restaurant.
I always used to order the same stuff always and I did that even today. But she always loved to try new things and made me eat some of the food that she had ordered. The food was delicious. I ended up eating more of what she had ordered. The meal was worth skipping my breakfast for. Sometimes I wished I could be carefree and adventurous like her. But from my childhood, I was always told to be careful about everything and was made to follow the path that everyone had taken. Though there were times when I wanted to step out of the beaten path, I wasn’t much of a rebel. I would easily put those thoughts aside and go on doing whatever I was supposed to do.
We were on our way back now. “Did you enjoy the food?”, she asked. “Yes! Thanks to you that I got to try some wonderful food.”, I replied. “That is why you must try different things and not stick to your all time fixed menu”, she said. “Hmmm” I said and I got back to being quiet. May be she sensed that I didn’t want to talk about it and went back to watching the green fields that were on the either side of the road. But she couldn’t keep silent for long and she asked, “Since when have you become like this? You were never this quiet. You had your problems but then you would share them”. I didn’t know what to answer and she understood my hesitation and said, “It is okay if you don’t want to answer but sometimes it feels good to share what is on your mind”. I kept quiet for a while and then took a deep breath and said, “I am scared”. “Scared of what?”, she asked. “I am scared of the unknown. I am scared of trying new things. All my life I have been told to do this and that and I have obeyed. There were times when I wanted to go against it but then I couldn’t because I was scared. And people close to me have broken my trust. When people whom I knew hurt me, I started going away from people. I stopped socializing and I gave all my time and energy to my work”, I said.
“Anything more to add?”, she asked. “Nope nothing!”, I said. “Do you think that you are the only with problems? Do you think you are the only one that is scared? Everybody has their own demons to face. And things don’t get solved if you run from them. You have to face them. And one incident from the past is never a reason enough to not believe in people. Let go of your inhibitions and life will get better”.
I thought about it. Maybe she was right. But what if things go wrong? I was still afraid. The car gave a sudden jerk and came to a dead stop. It had already started raining now and the car stopping didn’t make my mood better. She opened the door and went out of the car. I was wondering here thinking how to get back home and there she was dancing in the rain without a care. I ran out and pulled her and asked her to get inside the car as I was worried that she might fall sick. Instead she pulled my hand and asked me, “Have you danced before in the rain?”. I shook my head. “Come on try something new today! Let us play in the rain”, she said. Though I hesitated initially, I gave up after seeing her dance like a child in the rain. I let go off my inhibitions and let the rain wash away the fears that I had. This was the beginning for me. The beginning of being a different person- a person who followed his heart! I was enjoying every moment dancing with her in the rain. 

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday

PS: Writing a short story after a long time!  

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