Yay! Reem Writes turns three!

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One early morning in May, a girl sat in front of her laptop thinking deeply about her decision. She was pondering whether creating a blog and maintaining a blog would be possible for her not. She personally never knew anyone who had maintained a blog. All that she knew about blogging was just creating one as it was a part of an assignment in college. She wrote random stuff but never knew if it was good enough to be read by others. She was never really a regular writer. She wrote for the love of it. She wrote when she felt like writing. A lot of things that she had previously written were all lost as she hadn't kept them carefully as she should have. So creating a blog would have been a good idea. But she kept asking herself if anyone would read what she had written. The stuff she had written till then had no readers. So there wouldn't be much of a difference if there were no readers she thought. At least here writing would all be in one place. And so she created the blog. She didn't know what it was to be named, what formatting it should have. She just created it and kept writing. Initially she was disappointed- with herself and the response. But gradually things started improving. And if you ask her now, she will tell you that it was one of the best decisions that she ever made!
And yes that girl is me! And it was three years ago that Reem Writes took shape. I was never a regular blogger initially. There were times when I forgot that my blog even existed. I had no one to tell me more about the world of blogging. But then gradually things started falling into place as I began to discover the wonderful world of blogging. From writing stuff that I just felt like to exercising my imagination and weaving stories of my own, I have come a long way. There were times when I felt like giving it all up- especially in the first few months. I didn’t know what I was doing with my blog and there was none reading it as well. But I am glad that I didn’t give up. Writing over 200 posts, completing a blog challenge twice, participating in various contests, reviewing books- it couldn’t even be imagined when I started this blog.  Every post that I wrote taught me something. Writing helped me in times of joy and sorrow. There have been moments when people recognized me because of my blog. And blogging has given me many friends- all of whom I hope to meet in person some day. Every moment of this journey has been memorable!
But what had made this blog last this long is not just me- it is you my dear readers. Every comment made me happy- the positive ones helped me boost my morale and the negative ones helped me rectify my faults. My fellow bloggers have helped me too! Many of them have guided me and helped me improve. But to whom am I most thankful to? It is my parents! My dad introduced me to the wonderful world of books and that helped me develop an interest in writing something myself. My mom has always encouraged me with my writing. She is happy when someone tells her that something that I wrote was good. And I love to see that smile on her face when such situations happen. My friends have been a source of constant encouragement to me. And I am grateful to each person who had helped me in this journey.
So what’s next? I will keep writing- that is for sure. But then I would like to write more often and I would like to explore into the unknown and write the kind of things which are entirely different from what I have written so far. The blog layout might undergo a few changes though I am in love with the natural feel of the present one. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
Finally, I wish my blog a happy birthday! Long live my blog :-P I know that sounds funny but can’t help ;) Thank you dear readers for your support and encouragement. I’ll keep writing and you please keep visiting :)

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