When the ground shakes

The day had dawned like any other before,
Life went on, as it always did.
Every person went on doing his chore,
Nature's wrath still remained hid.

The struggles faced were the ones faced every day,
For food on the platter and for roof on the head.
Dreaming of a tomorrow better than yesterday,
But who knew those hopes and dreams would be dead?

There was hustle and bustle of daily life,
No sign yet of nature's vengeance.
There were no speculations rife,
That soon there would be eerie silence!

And then began the destruction!
The fury of nature was now awake,
It brought a wave of devastation,
When the ground began to shake!

Confusion was rife,
Buildings crumbled, towers fell,
Every person ran for his life,
But nature had already sounded the death knell!

Lost were lives that knew not their end was near,
Some struggled bravely, searching for strength it takes.
A lot was lost and instilled in people's minds was fear,
And again what if the ground shakes?

The ones that were dead were gone,
But the ones alive were bearing the brunt of nature's mistake!
It was difficult for their lives to move on,
And again the ground began to shake.

The ground has now stopped shaking,
But the dread still remains.
The hearts are still aching,
All that are heard are teary strains!

Why dear nature was so harsh your anger?
The cries of agony are still heard loud and clear!
Your ways of teaching lessons are getting stranger,
But what about the pain of those who've lost the ones who were dear?

A lot had been lost,
But forgive us dear Nature of our mistakes,
We've paid a price higher than the cost,
Your fury we can't take when the ground shakes!

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