Sands of time

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Walking by the seaside, I couldn't help but notice how much the surroundings had changed, yet, I was happy to see that my favourite corner on the beach remained unchanged by time. Memories from my college days kept flashing in my mind and I distinctly remembered that day from a few years ago, when we were just out of college, all set to begin our professional life and had met at this very place and had decided no matter what happens we would all meet at this same place after 5 years. Though we had gradually failed to keep in touch I kept wishing that my friends would remember about it and come here as today was the appointed day. I had waited for long now and just when I was about to walk away from there disappointed, I saw my best friend walking towards me and what followed next was amazing as went back in time reliving those wonderful days! Somethings remain untouched by the sands of time and this friendship- the rapport I shared with my friend was one such!

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