Farewell, my friends!

Here's raising a toast to the friendship that we shared,
To the good times and bad times that we have had.
The journey has been a memorable one,
I'm sure each one of us had loads of fun.

Some years down the line from now,
When our mind lingers in the past and old memories flow,
We'll recall this time, the time of our lives,
Waiting when the day of meeting again arrives.

Together all these years we have grown,
Together we've faced challenges that life has thrown.
Together we have won it all,
Together today we stand tall.

Hidden behind our smiles today are tears,
'Cause in different directions our life now steers.
But we move forward with the hopes and memories,
We'll surely miss each, but we'll be together as we sing life's melodies!

This was the poem I wrote for my speech on my Farewell Day in college. The wonderful journey of 4 years is coming to an end! So many memories! So much fun!

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