A journey of thoughts

 The cool air brushes my face,
As I stand here in nature's embrace.
The early morning rays of the sun,
Gives me warmth on this journey that has just begun.

I look back into the past,
Sometimes it feels like it went by too fast.
Those happy moments, those memories flash by,
As I look at bright morning sky.

Life was bliss just a few days ago,
It would turn to be like this I never did know.
Thinking about it brings tears,
Because those were memories made in many years.

The cold winter wind gives me a chill,
As I stand on the top of the hill.
But this cold hearted world I cannot bear,
All I long for is some care.

 I feel a new strength as I reach the peak,
I vow myself that I will be no longer weak.
As the winter makes way for the spring,
I look forward to the joys that my new journey will bring.

This poem is written for Poetry Jam- Tis the season.
And that is a picture of me on a recent trip :)

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