Month in rewind: November 2014

And yes, I am back with my second Month in Rewind post- a tiny step in making it a habit. How fast time flies by. It seems just yesterday when I welcomed November and now it is over. November to me has been a hectic but a great month!
November started with exams and ended with exams. I had my minor exams in the first week of November and somehow managed to do well despite the last minute preparations. Once the minor exams are over, it is officially the most hectic time of the semester- assignments to submit, lab experiments to be completed, projects to finish and reports to be written. Lots to do in a short duration of time but a sigh of relief now that it all done. And yes how could I forget writing the lab journal for one last time! Mixed emotions! Happy that it is over, sad that it is just going to be a memory hereafter. And the last week of November marked the last practical exams of engineering! Yeah it is the official start of all things last in engineering :(
The best thing about November was that I finally got a chance to go out of Hubballi! I had an exam to attend in Belagavi. And that gave me a chance to meet my friends there. I was supposed to return the next morning and just when I was about to return, my college friends called me up and asked me stay back there as they were coming there for pool campus interviews! I couldn't say no! An adventure it really was as we missed getting down at the right bus stop and then figuring out how we were supposed to reach our destination. All is well that ends well and my friend did get placed :)
Writing took a backseat in November and I hate myself for it! At the start of the month I was actually drained after writing 31 posts in October. But blogging didn't take off even after the few days break that I had given myself. There were times when I wanted to write but then something or the other came up or it was just me being lazy. I have now vowed to get over that and have started writing almost daily from the last few days of November. I couldn't finish reading any books this month! Laziness to be blamed! No movies either. But started listening to more music and Westlife's songs are my current favourites.
December=Semester End Exams Christmas!
December looks promising with a lot of things on the list! And yes being the last month of the year I hope to make the best of it :) Hoping for lovely December :) And yeah wish me luck for my exams- the last odd semester end exams of engineering! How was November for you? Do let me know!

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