Month in rewind: October 2014

I have always thought of writing monthly rewind posts on my blog for a long time but for some reason or the other that idea got buried under all the other things that I was supposed to do. At the start of this academic year, I thought I would start it as I wanted to remember all the memories of last year of college. But placements, projects and exams didn't let me to. But now enough of procrastination! October has been special to me and hence ek post toh bantha hai! Better late than never. And yes I hope I make this as a habit!
My reaction when October started was "Yay!". Reason? Holidays and holidays. With both Dasara and Diwali coming in the same month, this was the best month in terms of having less number of classes. But having holidays didn't mean that I could sit back and relax, I had lots to do. And yes I go crazy if I have nothing to do for a long time. The holidays were mostly spent in choir practices for the silver jubilee celebration of my parish. And that one whole week of no holidays in between meant that I was out of the house for more than 13 hours at a stretch. Leaving home for college at 7.45 am and after a long tiring day at college going directly to church for practices and coming back home only after 9 pm.Tiring? Yes it was! But the efforts paid off and the choir was appreciated.
In that week of no holidays, I organized an event in college and yes even that went on well. October also saw all of my friends getting placed. The joy of seeing all friends placed is greater than the joy of one's own placement. And since my department has the highest number of students placed already, we had a mini celebration of crossing the 100 mark in just 2.5 months. It was proud moment indeed to see all the lecturers so happy for us.
October also made me think about my life and my decisions. I made a decision which was difficult to make but still made it as it was for my own good. My health hasn't been good for some time now and October gave me some relief- a little healing touch. I just read one book during October and that too as a part of review program. I got to read many more books. But yes I watched more movies during October than any other month in recent times. 
October also saw me take up the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the second time and I successfully completed it this time as well. It was difficult to complete it this time as there were lots of things to do and so little time. After completing the challenge I felt that if I have my mind set on doing something, I would do it no matter what. And daily blogging did reward me as my blog crossed 25,000 views. So a happy me :-D
October also has been the start of something new and special. Let's hope it turns out well :) November you better be good- I've a lot of expectations from you :-D
How was October for you? I hope it was good. Wishing you a happy November :-D

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