Why do I write?

Today is Day 2 of Write Tribe's 7 days to Rediscovering your Blogging Groove. And for today I am supposed to Answer a question.
When I was thinking about the question that I could answer today on my blog, a lot of questions came up. But I didn't want them to be some general questions, I wanted the question to be a personal one. The reason being, this blog is my precious little space. And that automatically made the choice easier for me. So the question that I am going to answer is- Why do I write?

I can't exactly remember when I started writing things on my own. I would scribble some two lines that rhymed on the last pages of my note books. And when I was around 11, I had my own poem published in a newspaper and then my joy knew no bounds. I kept writing a poem or two sometimes but then I didn't keep them safely and they were lost forever. Writing took a backseat in those all important years of +2.
And once I got into engineering, Reem Writes happened.

But why do I write? Writing to me is an expression of my feelings. Each day is different and is special in its own way. And writing helps me treasure all those moments. I may not be able to write every day but whenever I write, it feels good. When I am happy, I write happy stuff and when I am sad, reading the happy stuff that I wrote before cheers me up. When I feel a low, my writing helps me put out my feelings and it eases my pain.

When there lots of projects and assignments to be completed, writing is way to drive stress away. And earlier I only used to write poems and random articles, but recently I have started writing fiction quite regularly and that helps me think better and helps me create a world of my own.

Writing regularly is slowly becoming a habit- a habit that I would like to have all my life. What is your preferred activity that lets you relax after a tiring day at work or college? Do let me know.

This post is also written for Day 12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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