My life was a beautiful one before,
With friends close to me to boast.
When in trouble,or when nothing seemed right,
I had this dear friend,who made me feel alright.
Words of solace, a shoulder to lay my weary head,
This is what I used to find, when in need.
But now, everything's changed,
And I don't know who is to be blamed.
My friend's gone to a distant place,
And here I am, stranded in a maze.
Loneliness has crept on to me,
I await for the joys which have never visited me.
When the going seems bad,
I don't have the shoulder I had.
People who pretend to be close to me,
Just want me to listen to their joys and woes.
But fail to understand that,
Even I've got the right to be heard.
I've heard people say,
People come into your life and go away.
If you lose a friend,
There's always a hope in the end,
To find another, who'll mend,
Your life,to it's very end.
But being lonely is worse than being ill,
'cause then you can take a pill
To heal,but I don't know how to deal
with this loneliness and be healed.
There's a light at the end of the tunnel,
That's what the world says.
But I really don't know,
When this tunnel's going to end.
And when that light is going to brighten
This lonely and weary soul of mine.
God please listen to me,
And help me be what I used to be.
And will God send,
To me a true friend.
Who'll listen to my joys and woes,
And partake in them both.
I did hear a knock at the other end,
Is it you, my dear new friend? 

This is my Day 27 post for UBC.
This poem was originally written by me a few years ago and this was the poem that got me started with writing poetry after a break. 

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