Sometimes when I've nothing to do or sometimes when I don't know what to do, something happens and it takes me back in time. Memories are the best part of one's life. I go back in time to the times when I was a child. The first time I went to school, my first song, my first dance... Those friends of mine from school, the fun that we had, the pranks that we played on each other, the picnics and trips that we went to! All of it makes me happier! But the memories that come back to me are not always pleasant ones- the painful ones keep coming back as well! And sometimes one memory leads to another memory and then you get lost in time. You realize that time has flown by! Sometimes you're whole life flashes in seconds before your eyes.
And now that I am in the final year of engineering, memories have become all the more special. It seems just yesterday when I was sitting on the last bench in first year debating with my friends what is the use of Electronics engineering students studying Mechanics or all those turbines! The first project and the survey for that! Ah! How time flies by!
Happy memories, sad memories, moments of joy, moments of joy, all of them make our lives. People tell forget the past and live in the present. But sometimes, memories are all we have of the people whom we loved and knew so well! And so my mind drifts back in time......
What are your favourite memories? Please do share...
This post is written for Day 19 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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