Wishes- then and now!

Life goes on. That is something we hear often. But I would like to add something more to it- Life goes on pretty fast. Why am I saying that? Because that is what I am feeling. Just yesterday I was discussing few things with mom and she was like "I don't know where you will be the next year!". And I realized that was the truth! Seems just yesterday that she came to drop me to school on my first day. And now in another year I am going to finish my education!
When I was a little kid, I always wanted to grow up and become this super cool big girl. And the answer to what I wanted to be kept changing. The first answer was "I want to be a big girl". And as I grew up the answers differed. I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be astronaut. I wanted to be the President of India. These were the kind of serious ones. There were things like I want to fly, I want to go through walls, I want to eat all the ice cream in the world- you get the drift. But then what did I really want to do? I didn't know.
I got through school- good at studies and all the extra curricular activities. I learnt to play the keyboard- something that I always wanted to do. The thought of becoming an engineer struck me somewhere in high school. But I also wanted to be a doctor. I left destiny to take it's course.

But there is something from high school that I can never forget. We had these classes called as life skill classes. And we were supposed to make our own scrap books. The teacher who took up these classes asked us to write 1-5 wishes that we would like to us. She told not to be general and just state what we wanted to and she told us we could wish for anything. I wrote about my wish to be a writer- a famous one at that! And most of what others wrote were the same things- sort of sane wishes. Nothing out of the ordinary. The exercise was over and so was the class and wishes were forgotten.
A few days ago when I was going through my old stuff, I found the scrapbook. I read it and then a thought struck me. Would I wish for the same things if I was little kid? Would I care whether the wish was a possible one or an impossible one? No I definitely wouldn't. We wouldn't think of the effects that were to follow. All we wanted was to make a wish! But now we give too much thought to even the tiniest of things. Have we forgotten to take life a little easily? Can we not be creative in our wishes?
There are a few more things that make me think. Why can't our wishes be life long? I said I wanted to be an engineer. Now that in a year I will be an engineer in a year my wish will be fulfilled. Can't I wish for something which stays throughout my life? Maybe!
I am confused what to do next in life. Sometimes thoughts of who am I and what do I really want to be strike my mind. I don't have the answers. I'll go with the flow. But then if granted a wish now, what would I ask for? No second thoughts- I wanna be a little girl again! The grass looks greener on the other side always!

This post is written for Day 1 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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