What's on your mind?

Facebook stared at me asking me "What's on your mind?". A lot of things but none worth sharing I said. Many statuses were posted by my Facebook friends but was that really what was on their minds? How I wish I could just read everybody's minds! Not that I would like to trouble anybody, but it would be cool right? I could know things which people did not wish to share with me.
The next moment I could here my brother speaking something so I went to see what he was up to. He was telling that he would hide my cellphone in his room and would play a prank on me. But if he really wanted to play a prank, why would he be telling me? Something was different! It was then that I observed that he wasn't moving his lips and talking, all of the stuff that I thought he had said was all in his mind! I could read minds! My joy knew no bounds! My brother's pranks wouldn't work now. Instead I could play his pranks back at him! Now is the pay back time my dear brother! I was glad and I started thinking what prank is to be played on him!
And then I thought about the other advantages of my power too! I could know mom's mood and that meant I would know when to speak what. I could know what my friends thought about me. I could know who my real friends were. I would know if the shopkeepers were cheating me. And then the best part! Exams would be so easy- I could hear what everybody's answers were and then decide on the ones that were the best! Yay! This was going to be awesome. I thought of using my new found powers on people around and I headed out for a walk.
"What's on your mind? What's on your mind?", seemed to be my new slogan! Chintu the next door boy was wondering how to ask his mom for another chocolate. I read his mind and found one in my pocket and gave it to him. How happy he was! And then Pintu the other boy wanted to grab that chocolate from Chintu. I told Pintu not to do so and bought him a chocolate from the shop. And then I decided to sit in the park. I saw a girl and I boy sitting and talking on a bench and I wanted to know what was going on so I decided to sit on a bench beside theirs. This was their conversation and the words in the bracket are the ones in their minds.
Boy: You look so lovely today! What a pretty dress!(Ugghh!! What is she wearing? She looks so horrible. Does she think that she is a Miss Universe?)
Girl: Thank you. This is a designer you know. (Hahahahaha! There I fooled you! This is from that wholesale shop where nobody goes!)
Boy: Oh nice!
Girl: You look great too! (You look like a complete idiot! If not for your fat bank balance and that great bike, I wouldn't even look at you!)

Oh my good! I find it hard to control my laughter and I decide to walk away from there before these people think that I have gone crazy. As I walk out of the park at the other end of the park, I see that shabbily dressed man whom I get scared of every time I see him. I feel he must be a thief. I can't read his mind as he it at a distance. But I am sure that he isn't a good person. I look away and keep walking towards my house and when I take the turn at the next cross I see that the shabbily dressed man is following me. I start running now but that person keeps following me and calling out "Madam madam!". I don't know what to do and I keep running till I almost reach my house. He finally catches up with me and I am scared even to read his thoughts! He says, "Madam here is your cellphone. You left it on that bench in the park!". I'm shocked. All I can mumble is "Thank you!". And when I try to read his mind now, all this man is thinking is that his daughter must be waiting for him at home and must be worried that he is late. I am ashamed of myself! How quickly we pass judgements! How foolish of me to judge people by the way they look!

This power of reading minds has surely thought me a lesson. And I promise myself that hereafter I won't judge people so quickly. And I decide that I am surely going to make good use of this power. May be I could catch those corrupt politicians red handed? May be I can stop some one from harming themselves? May be I could know what others need from me or expect from me which they won't directly tell me about? Yes! I could use this power for something good!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
What if you are blessed with a power to read others’ minds? Whose mind will you read and why? What will you hear it say?

Also this post is written for Day 20 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

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