What should I write?

I sit down to write,
But something doesn't feel right!
Though there are a zillion thoughts in my head,
I don't know which ones will be read!

With the lot of stuff that I've already spun,
I hope I'm inspired to write another one!
But I end up with none,
I hope that doesn't sound like a pun!

Should I write a story?
Maybe the one filled with glory.
But I hope it ends well,
Leaves my readers under a spell!

Or should a poem be penned,
The one that keeps the interest till the very end?
But I hope it is not long,
'Cause then my readers would feel difficult to get along!

Or maybe I should write an article,
About that random particle!
Or maybe a rant,
Tell about the my wishes which none could grant!

Should I be funny or sound sad?
A dose of philosophy would do no bad!
Should it be short or long,
I just don't want to be wrong.

I don't know where this is leading,
But I hope you enjoyed reading.
In my quest of thinking what to write,
I've ended up writing my plight!

This post is written for Day 16 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

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