The things that zest up my life

I found the above picture while searching for something on Google. And this quote motivated me. None of us know exactly how much more time we have on this Earth. Life as they say is a journey. Many times we have heard about living life to the fullest and how we wish we could! The list of things that we want to do in life is a long one but then there seems to be no time. Busy as we are earning a living or learning to earn a living, we don't find time to actually live. Each day seems to be the same and life seems to be mundane. But no matter what there are always things that add meaning to our lives and make our lives better and interesting. So here are five things that infuse life into my mere existence.

1. Reading
No matter how boring or tiring my day is, if I read a book the day becomes a pleasant one again! Yeah I love to read and I'm glad that I have this reading habit. Books take me to a different world-to their world. I have enjoyed reading from childhood and yeah once a bibliophile always a bibliophile! And yeah I am the kind who will finish reading a novel though I have an exam next day for which I haven't studied at all. Books are my first love!

2. Writing
The reader in me brought forth the writer in me. As much as I love to get lost in the world of books, I also love to create a world of my own. And you can see the result- My world full of words- this blog! Writing is one of my closest friends. All my feelings make their way to the written word- may be a poem, a story or a rant! Writing to me is a way of letting my thoughts out! It has helped me grow not just as a writer but also as a person! And the some of the best moments are when people appreciate what you write and people enjoy the world that I have created out of my words! This blog makes me happy and I love to make others happy through it!

3. Music
Music makes me feel more alive. I love listening to music whether I am happy or sad, enjoying something or even if I am bored. And apart from listening to music, I love singing,  playing the keyboard and making me own music. Making new tunes is something that I enjoy. And what is the thing that I enjoy the most about music?
And that is the Angels choir! I look forward to every Wednesday because after a hectic and tiring day at college, the choir practice is something that helps me relax. Yeah I am kinda the choir teacher here :-P I enjoy teaching new hymns and in turn end up learning something from them and yes they cheer me up! Sundays are equally special as it is for Sundays that all those practices are for! All of them aren't in the picture and there have been many new additions to the children's choir recently!

4. Nature
I am nature lover. And I love spending time alone with nature. When sad or when in doubt it is nature that helps me get out of it. We don't have much space around the house but in the little place we have, there is a small garden. And that is my go to place when I need some me time. I love watching those plants grow, the beautiful flowers, the birds and butterflies that come there. And the best part is that some times we have vegetables growing in the backyard and that happiness of cooking something out of the things growing in the backyard is amazing!

5. My never ending dreams
My interesting dreams add some zest to my daily life. Yeah some of those are day dreams as well :-P But whatever it is these dreams keep me going. Travelling the whole world, writing my own book and some crazy dreams like having a house made of chocolate :-P Yeah I love chocolates :-D And when life tends to get a little boring, these dreams are there to make it interesting! I love being silly :-P

So these are things that add zest to my life and yeah going on nice long drive in the new Zest would certainly add some more zest to my life! And no matter what I love my life! :-D

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Also, this post is written for Day 19 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

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