The rain ramblings!

I know I was a little lazy this time, so pardon me for being late. But I couldn't stay up there anymore after listening to all those prayers for rain that all you humans made and I love to watch the smile of satisfaction on the farmers' faces and the fun these little kids have while they play with me as I fall down to the earth. As I cherish these wonderful moments, I look at those grumpy faces complaining of me being unpredictable, of clothes not drying, of the water logged roads and of the sticky mud on their feet. You humans are so weird because first you pray for something and then when you get it you complain about the same thing! Just go home, have a cup of hot coffee and sit down by the window and watch me pour as I am the rain and I wish to bring joy to the earth, not pain!

This post is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes-Five Sentence Fiction-Rain.
Lillie McFerrin Writes 

Also this post is written for Day 21 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

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