The elusive electricity!

The list of my laws became kinda famous and then I realized there was another thing I had missed in that. I am not going to add to that list. That list is great just the way it is. So this might have been law is kinda special. Reason? It has a whole post dedicated to it. Well you need to be special to be featured on Reema's blog you see. (Just kidding! :-P). So what is that I am talking about? Electricity!

There was a seven hour power cut yesterday and trust me life wasn't easy. I became crazy! I have this ritual every morning where I learn something from the internet. And yeah I also get my daily dose of news about my friends from Facebook and there I look at the posts with envy! Yeah, I don't travel much and nor do I attend parties every other day. I'll keep my sob story for a different post. So coming back to what I was telling you. After my early morning dose of internet, I decided to have breakfast and then study something seriously. But by the time I finished my breakfast guess what happens? Power cut. I thought it was the routine one hour power cut. But I didn't know how wrong I was.
I settled down to read the newspaper and I almost cried after reading the newspaper. "No power supply from 10 am to 4 pm" and my locality was mentioned. I cried! How could I not cry? My cellphone was barely charged. And my laptop's battery doesn't work. So no cellphone and no laptop. And that also meant no internet! How could I even survive? All my plans for the day were ruined! I decided to dust my textbooks and study a little and what happened? It got all cloudy and I could barely see what I was reading! Another plan failed!
I did not realize when I fell asleep! I woke up suddenly and then recollected that I had a dream and in that dream the power supply was restored! I was happy just thinking about the dream but then reality hit me. No power supply! I looked at the clock and I remembered that I had to go to college to wish my friend on her birthday and I had requested my other friend to pick me up and I was already late. And then another problem! None of my clothes were ironed! Could this day turn out to be any worse?
The rest of the day was such a bore! I kept yelling at the Electricity board all the while. But then there are a few good things that come out of power cuts as well. Since I couldn't study or watch any movies or serials, I decided to clean my room as much as possible! Mom was surprised to see my room :-P But still no sign of electricity! And now it was her turn to keep yelling at the electricity board! "The milk will be spoiled. The fish will be spoiled. I have to grind the masala for the curry! These people have no sense. It is almost 5 and no sign of electricity. Is there something called as time sense? Can't they stand by the time they mentioned"
And finally at 5.15 pm the power supply was restored! What a relief that was! And then I thought about it. Wasn't there a time when there was no electricity? Didn't people live even in those days? How dependent have we become on these resources! But we don't give a second thought while wasting it. Fancy lights when not necessary, fans switched on even when not necessary but we don't bother much about it! With no rains this year I don't know what the situation will be in the next few days!
A lesson to be learned from a not so comfortable situation as well! And now before I pity electricity and the electricity board too much, there is another thing I have to tell you. It is a secret okay? Please don't tell anyone.I feel the electricity board of my city spies on me. Why? There is a power cut whenever I have an exam- sometimes the night before the exam or sometimes in the early morning when I wake up to study. And yes there is also a power cut when I have some important work to do. Tell me how can they know about my timetable unless they are spying on me? Shhhh..  But please help me out! Please...

This post is written for Day 8 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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