The 100 Happy Days Challenge Experience

I love the quote in the above picture! Isn't it true? Most of the times we try to make others happy but are we really happy ourselves? Happiness means different things to different people. For some it would mean success or good health or some monetary gain or for some it would be in little things. Most of us have an impression that being happy means having no problems at all but then happiness isn't about all that. No matter how dark or gloomy our life is, there will be something that gives us joy.
I used to think that it was the big things in life that made me happy and that was how life went on for me. I was happy as everything was fine. But then sometimes when things never went right and my health seemed pretty bad, I was frustrated! And somehow I chanced upon the 100 happy days challenge. The first time I read about the challenge, I was scared to take. And hence I quietly closed the website and decided not to take the challenge. Come on think of it! 100 days and you have to find 100 reasons that made you happy and then 100 pictures- one picture per day. Sounds difficult doesn't it? Yes it is. And that is why I decided not to take the challenge. But then things didn't get better and I started thinking negatively about everything and then signed in for the challenge suddenly! I so longed to be happy!
And once on the challenge, I did it! I have successfully completed the challenge. And yes I do feel great about myself not just because I have completed the challenge, but because I have learned to appreciate little things that make me happy. I have posted about the things that made me happy during the 100 days of my challenge here on my blog.
I learned a lot things during the challenge. First things first, the challenge isn't easy. We are so used to focus on negatives that it is difficult to focus on the positives. But then because of this challenge I had to find out that one thing that made me happy. This made me to think about the day and about how I had spent it and it was then that I realized that there were things that made me happy. This was good for the normal days. But there were days so filled with negative that finding a happy moment was really difficult. There were many times that I decided to give up the challenge but then something kept me going. I tried to be as positive as I could be about a particular situation. Though the initial days were difficult, once I completed around 50 days of the challenge it became easier for me to find things that made me happy!
Yes it does help! The challenge does help you become happier. Even though the challenge is over now, I still think about my day before I go to sleep and think about the things that made me happy that day. That is what the challenge is all about- continuing to be happy even after the 100 days. Those of you who want to take up the challenge just go for it. Don't think whether you will be able to do it or not! Just go for it. Click here to know about the challenge.
Read about all my 100 happy days here.
Keep smiling and stay happy always :)

This post is written for Day 25 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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