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A poem yesterday and a few confusing, advising and complaining posts in the previous days. So time for some change. My life isn't so happening that I have amazing stories to tell each day. So let us settle with some thing ordinary- something common! These are things that happen with most of us often experience- I am not sure about you but these things happen to me often. And they happen to me so often that I have decided to declare them as laws. And these laws do not require any induction or deduction to be proven. They are there- always true :-P So here goes the list.

Art by: Srishti Miraj
  1. The law of buses: If you are waiting for a bus, there is always a bus going in the opposite direction and not in the direction you want to. Happens to me often! There is always a bus going in the opposite direction than I want to. And many times it so happens that I miss the bus by a fraction of a second and all this when I am crossing the road! And the end result? I end up waiting for my bus for a long long time.
  2. The law of shopping : You go to that sale that you always waited for as soon as it is announced. But no matter how early you are, you rarely find what you like. If you like something then your size isn't available. If the size is available then there is some defect in the item. And sometimes you like the pattern but not the colour and vice versa. I know the girls will agree with me more on this.
  3. The law of the itchy nose: Your nose feels itchy when your hands are dirty and you cannot itch your nose. This is one of the most common ones. Think about it.
  4. The law of things when you are in urgent need: You always have certain things that you don't use often but you need them. And it so happens that some work pops up with those things that you know you have but don't use much. You are all confident about it and are on your toes to do the set task. What do you find out then? You either don't find that thing or you run out of it. Arghhhh!!!
  5. The law of the lost things: You will find the things you lost or rather you thought lost when you are not searching for it. This happens to me often. I keep searching for something and I don't find it. And later maybe the next day or in the next month when I have completely forgotten about that thing that I lost, I see it right there in front of me. And as always I wonder how I didn't see it before!
  6. The law of hoarding: There always certain things that you always keep thinking that you will use them for something later and you end up never using them at all! You go shopping and something looks good and you buy it as you think that it is a great deal and you will need at some point of time. But then that thing is forgotten and you never use it. And one fine day when you decide to go on a cleaning spree you find that thing lying there. And what do you do? You dust it and keep it back thinking that you will use it someday. And yeah it is not necessary that those things have to bought. Those things can also be the boxes/ cases of somethings or something that looked too cute to be thrown away.
  7. The law of the traffic lights: While travelling if you happen to get a red light at the traffic lights once, then it is guaranteed that you will get red lights in all the further traffic lights. How I hate that Red light! And when I get a red light I am scared as I know more red lights will follow. 
  8. The law of waking up late: You wake up late on the days when you have the most important work and can't afford to be late. You make up your mind to wake up early. But some how the alarm doesn't ring (Yeah it can be called the law of alarms as well) or you decide that there is no harm in sleeping for another 5 minutes. And those 5 minutes may go on to become an hour as well! And what follows next? Check the next law.
  9. The law of getting late: If you think that you will be late, the whole universe conspires to make sure that you are late! This law is the law of laws and a few of the above mentioned laws and some others which I decided not to mention here have a role to play in this law. You wake up late and a series of things happen to ensure that you are late. A power cut, your phone's battery dies off, a coffee spill on that favourite shirt you were wearing and then the law of buses and the law of traffic lights comes into the picture. The elevator doesn't work and you are forced to take the stairs- you get the drift.
  10. The law of temptation: The more you try to avoid something, the more that thing makes it's presence felt. You decide to go on a diet and there somebody invites you for some pizza, ice cream and the like. You decide to stop watching that daily show on TV as you feel it is bad getting addicted to a show so much and then there is a preview which shows something interesting is happening in the next episode and there goes your promise of not watching that show again! And there are many examples to this law.
Phew! Finally those were my 10 laws. I had many other laws but I didn't write them all for reason best  known to me. I have so much of experience in these laws that I have written a thesis.And for further explanation on these laws please read my doctoral thesis on the above laws. And for those of you who feel reading my thesis is a difficult job, then I will write "Easy to understand Reema's laws- step by step guide on understanding the best laws ever formulated" Happy?
So bye for now and keep reading my blog for more updates on the book :-P

Lots of love and lots of laws,
Dr. Reema (Ph.D in Laws of daily life)

This post is written for Day 4 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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