Reaction without an action?

Many times we see something wrong with the way things are. Maybe someone fighting, maybe garbage thrown on the roadside or maybe someone misbehaving about a woman. What do we do about it most of the times? We just become blind and pass by the scene and then what do we do? We complain! We complain about how bad the people are and how bad the world today is. We complain about the filthy garbage lying and about the polluted air. But do we do something about it? No! Definitely not. How can you even expect us to be involved? What can we do about it? Why should we take the trouble? It's  not our duty after all! That is what is the standard mentality of most people around. But can there be a reaction without a significant reaction?
Yes, it is human tendency to expect something out of nothing! We always have secret wishes and desires which we expect to be fulfilled but don't do anything for it except expecting! We all want life to be easy for us. We want results without working for it. We want to enjoy the end results of hard work, but more often than not it is the result of someone else's hard work. And if the fruits of someone's hard work are sour then we are quick to pass the blame and criticize! But if the fruits are sweet we are equally fast to take a piece of the cake, enjoying the success as if it were our own! We need a better life, but we don't want to work for it! We are happy if someone else takes the initiative for us! We are happy if someone does the work for us. And then what are we for? Only to enjoy the results??? Wake up people!
Can you reap without sowing? You definitely cannot. Newton said "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction!" Then how can you expect a reaction for yourself without an action? You may enjoy the fruits of others labour, but for how long? How long are you going to sit back and enjoy? Let me tell you something! Someday you'll realize the worth of working for your good, but it maybe too late when you realize that! Everything comes at a price and better pay the price when you can afford to. Help yourselves and help others instead of complaining and depending on others. And observe that for a reaction there has to be an action!

This post is written for Day 2 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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