Listen to your heart

In life, we have options at every step. Choices that we have to make at every step. Simple choices like the ones for the food we eat, the clothes that we wear, the places we go, the people we are with! We have choices for almost everything. But there are things for which we do not have choices and we have to accept them the way they are. Simple choices are easier to make, but at times even simple choices put us in dilemma!
If simple things turn out to be so complicated, what about the choices that make or break our life? What about the choices we have when are about to journey to a different stage of life. Choices are indeed difficult. The choice of a career, the choice trusting someone, the choice of your life partner, these may make or mar your life. When life gives us so many choices, sometimes we take things for granted and treat people or things that are important to us as just choices. We take decisions based on the current trends rather that what is best for us. We follow what others do, we follow what others ask us to do.
We listen to our friends when they tell it's cool to do this or that. When it comes to careers, our parents ask us to decide the stream we choose depending on what the neighbour's son or daughter did. We forget that each of us as individuals have been given the power to make our decisions.
We tend to ask others what to decide. While it okay to take others suggestions into consideration, it is we who have to decide what we want to do. Others can only give us directions, but cannot hold our hands and take us on the path. It is we who to walk the path.
We tend to follow what others do as it is easier to do what others have already done. But we forget that we are unique. What worked out well for others may not work out well for us. We tend to think a lot of things and silence our inner voice which tells us what is best for us.

There maybe times when others decisions may have proved to be advantageous for us. But for how long are we going to depend on others? For how long are we going to make choices that are not our own. Isn't it time for us to make our choices, choices that matter to us? Isn't it time to stop following the herd and find our own path in life? Isn't it time to listen to our hearts and journey on the unknown, less trodden path?
There are times when the situation demands us to take quick decisions. What do we do then? We rely on our intuitions rather than others opinions and listening to that inner voice within helps us.Sometimes answers to certain questions may not be easy to come by. There are times when the decisions we make may not prove to be right initially. But wait, have patience. Whatever your true inner self tells you to do,do it! No matter whether it is right or wrong, you'll be responsible for it! Listen to your heart!

This post is written for Day 7 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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