Conquering fear!

Something always went wrong and every time she tried, she failed. But within her she knew that she could do it and it was the fear of failure that stopped her from doing what she wanted to. The cycle continued- the fear led to failure and the failure led to fear. And then one day she decided to be fearless and stopped worrying about things that could go wrong and concentrate on doing her work! And behold the fruit of her effort was before her eyes as she saw them smacking their lips after eating the meal that she had cooked!

And yeah this is a little of my story except for the ending of course. That day is yet to come! :-P But yeah though I have given the angle of cooking here it is applicable to so many things in our daily lives. 

 This post is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes-Five Sentence Fiction-Fearless and for Day 26 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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