100 Happy Days: Days 91-100

Yay! Finally! I did it! I successfully completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge! And now that makes me happy! It wasn't easy and neither wasn't so tough. There were testing times but then what really matters is that I finished what I started! There are a lot of things this challenge has taught me but I will do full post on that later. And now presenting the last 10 days of 100 happy days!

Day 91:
50 posts on my blog already this year. I have always wanted to write but many times I have been lazy and ended up postponing things and not writing. But this year I told myself that I will write a 100 posts and I am glad that already I am half way through!

Day 92:
There are some things that you enjoy doing and for me one of those things is writing. But this is a little different! I don't think I have ever enjoyed writing a post so much. And yeah you my dear readers enjoyed it as well! No prizes for guessing! But yeah may guess :-P In case you haven't read it then read it here.

Day 93:
I love nature and when I was enjoying my time with nature I felt nostalgic. Some happy memories just came to my mind. This picture isn't the one taken that day but I used it as I didn't have my cellphone with me. It was some nature and me time.

Day 94:
You read that? Wowie! That made me so happy. One of junior from college sent me this message and I was on cloud nine!

Day 95:
There is this little garden in my backyard. We don't have a fancy lawn and stuff like that. Just a few flowers and some vegetables and herbs. And these are the lemons that grew there :-D

Day 96:
One day and two posts selected as the best! Yay! One post got selected as the Tangy Tuesday pick- you know which one. And the other as WOW post for the week! Isn't that great? Thank you Blog Adda :)

Day 97:
And yeah another set of Blog awards. I had received the Quintet of Radiance Award from Swathi a few days ago and then Anmol also awarded me the same awards. So double set of awards made it special :-D

Day 98:
And I love chocolates. And eating a few of them made my day happier indeed :-D

Day 99:
This is my first chord book.I accidentally found this one while searching for something else. Down the memory lane again!

Day 100:
This picture of mine is one of the best ever! Happy me! I wanna be like this always! 100th day! Could it be more special?

These were the things that made me happy! And yeah a lot of blogging stuff there! Obviously! I am taking a blogging challenge now! One challenge over and I am on the already on the other one!

This post is written for Day 14 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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