Wish I was a super girl!

I was granted a wish by genie,
For not being a meanie.
He told me I could have a super power,
And I started thinking which power could he shower.

I did have many wishes to ask for,
But choosing just one was a big chore.
I told him I wanted time to think,
And he gave me a wink!

I wish I could fly,
Like an eagle in the sky.
I would save so much money on travel,
The wonderful world I could marvel!

I wish I could ask for the power of invisibility,
It would open up endless possibilities!
I could walk around with no one seeing me,
And go on a people helping spree!

I wish I could read books just by keeping my head on them,
Exams would be a piece of cake then.
I wish I could travel back and forth in time,
Watch the past and predict the future in no time!
I wish I could be anyone I wanted to be,
Then there would be none in the world to beat me!
But then I thought I was being selfish,
That would mean spoiling my wish!

I then thought I wish I could heal,
So that there will be no one ill!
I wish I could understand the sufferings of my fellow beings,
To help others would give my life so much meaning.

I wish I had superhuman strength,
To help others I could go to any length.
I wish I could be super intelligent,
Give brainy solutions to all the world's predicaments!

These were the powers I always wanted to have,
How I wish I could have them all!
I thought of the mere possibility,
But then realized the responsibility!

I finally decided to ask for being a super good girl,
Who would help others, be kind and would be a gem of a girl.
I asked the genie for the power to forgive and forget,
To learn to give to others rather than always get!

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