The Fault in our Stars

I didn't believe in love till I found you,
Then began a beautiful journey which to me was all new.
My boring life wasn't boring any more,
I was happy like never before.

In those little things that you did for me,
You made my days the best they could ever be.
Those words of love and wisdom that you said,
Are still afresh in my head.

You gave me forever in the numbered days,
But  I was unaware of destiny's strange ways.
I realized that the world wasn't a wish granting factory,
But you made my life a little satisfactory.

I love that part of my life when you were with me,
The beauty of love you let me see.
I love you and that love will always stay,
With your beautiful memories I hope I'll be okay!
But the pain demands to be felt,
Life, though difficult has to be dealt.
The marks you left in my life weren't scars,
But maybe there was some fault in our stars!

Note: I have never written book reviews. But this book I read "The Fault in our Stars" just didn't let me go without writing something about it. I didn't want to write a review. I wanted something different. I was touched by this book and so decided to write a poem. I hope you liked it. And those of you who haven't read the book, please read it.

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