Save Mother Earth!

The Earth is our home we say,
Which provides for our needs both night and day.
We call her our mother,
But now that she is in trouble do we really bother?

The temperatures are rising,
Even at the poles that are always supposed to be freezing!
The sea levels have reached a new high,
But we seem to be deaf to mother Earth's cry!

The protective ozone is now full of holes,
To save ourselves from that we don't seem to have any goals.
Both famines and floods are on a rise,
But we don't seem to have become wise!

Every day some flora or fauna is becoming extinct,
Why don't we realize that we are all intricately linked?
Because of our greed the forests are destroyed,
Don't we realize that they leave a permanent void?

The resources that we think will always be there,
In a few years, on the Earth they will be found nowhere.
Nature's gifts that we took for granted,
Will become wishes that can never be granted!

It is time to think and stop being jolly,
It is time now to realize our folly!
If our mother Earth will be forever destroyed,
It will be the end of human race that we cannot avoid.

Better late than never,
It is time that our choices become clever!
It is time we took some action,
To this important issue what is your reaction?

The choice is ours to make,
To the bitter reality let us awake!
We have a task at hand,
To save our mother Earth united we shall stand!

 Today is World Environment Day. Let us realize that the choices that we make impact the Earth. It is time now that we become responsible inhabitants of the Earth. Reduce,Reuse and Recycle!

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