Back to school!

Here is the month of June,
It reminds me of the time that passed too soon!
I am speaking of the time in school,
School life was so cool!

Along with the monsoons that June brought,
It was also the time for school to start.
The start of June was so exciting,
There was also a tinge of sadness for holidays were ending.

With new uniforms and bags we'd go to school,
Meet friends and with summer stories we'd be full!
Smelling the pages of new books was fun,
When another year of school had just begun!

As the year passed by,
The heavy burden of lessons and homework we did not enjoy.
But our solace were those games periods,
Where we'd enjoy and sometimes end up looking like idiots.

Those were the days of sharing lunch,
Bragging about how my mumma is the best cook in the bunch!
We would wait for the days where we'd get to wear our favourite clothes,
And enjoy those once a year magic shows!

While in school I wanted school to end,
But now I wish all my life in school I could spend!
School life was so much fun,
How I wish back to school I could run.

I look back and think,
How I wish I could bring back those times with a blink!
At the start of this June,
How I wish my childhood wasn't over so soon,

The story behind this poem:
I woke up this morning to a message about those back to school days in June when we were kids. I felt really nostalgic about it and couldn't stop myself from writing this. Hope you like it.

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