100 Happy Days: Days 51-60

Yippee!! Exams are over and I am almost 3/4th an engineer- yeah almost because the results are yet to come. Phew! What a relief! This few days were the days when I wrote a lot and finally crossed the 100 posts mark. And the 100 Happy Days challenge has become kinda easy now after crossing the half way mark. So here are things that made me happy during these days :)

Day 51:
Writing a poem even when I am supposed to have exams! Yeah I do all these stunts. When it is exam time everybody expects you to study. And doing something that you like to do as opposed what to what you are supposed to do is so much fun! The feeling is so great!

Day 52:
Finally some exam goes on well! Finally I am able to answer most of the questions! Need I say more?

Day 53:
Some how I end up watching a video of me performing Waka Waka! A 4 year old video. Haven't watched it yet? Then check it here.
P.S. I know I'm a Rockstar :-P

Day 54:
Some relaxation when most of the main exams are over! Wow!

Day 55:
Mom made noodles after a long time! Yum :)

Day 56:
Nail art after a long time! I don't do it often mostly because I end up creating a mess instead of some art! But this time it came out well. Loved it :)

Day 57:
Going through old pictures. Looking at pictures from childhood is so much fun. Sometimes I wish I hadn't grown up. Look at little me so happy in my mumma's arms :)

Day 58:
The 100th post on my blog! Feeling so proud of myself. I kept writing and didn't worry about how many posts I wrote and all of sudden I realize that I have completed 100 posts! Yippee! Read my 100th post here.

Day 59:
There are some days when you just feel great about yourself. You look lovely and get compliments. Love that feeling. Ek selfie toh banta hai! :-D

Day 60:
Yeah exams are finally over! Relief!

So those were days 51-60.
Keep smiling and stay happy :)

Keep waiting for the next post :)

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