Poetry- the resonance of my soul!

Poetry is not just the play of words. Poetry to me is the play of thoughts, emotions and words- all entwined! As I was looking for things to write about I came across this thing called Indispire on IndiBlogger and the prompt was something like this
"Have you ever written poetry? What was your first poem called? Do you believe that poetry is really a 'spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'?"
I write a lot of stuff these days but what I write the most is poems. Poems are something which are close to my heart. I started writing poems when I was in school. The first poem that I wrote was called "Who paints the flowers?" It wasn't a great poem but that was something I wrote when I was little-my first poem. The best part was that it was published in a newspaper! Yay! It meant a great deal then. Imagine how happy I was!
What do poems mean to me? Poems to me are mirror to the soul. Poems tell things in a few lines that some times require pages to explain about. And as we are the fast forward generation, it makes sense to write more poems. Poems have in them the power to make the reader think what must have been the feelings and emotions of the poet when he wrote the poem. Poems take you to a new world. 
And yes poetry is really a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. Poems are about spontaneity. The words that you scribble make sense only if it is spontaneous. If you feel something and think of writing a poem later, trust me you won't be able to write it as good as you would if you'd written immediately or sometimes you cannot write about it at all. For when the feelings are not there the words don't flow and the words remain just words not a resonance of my soul.
Some of the best stuff I have written turns out to be poems. Whenever I am happy or sad, whenever there is something that inspires me or something that troubles me I either take a pen and a notebook or my laptop and start writing a poem. And once the poem is written I only go through it once to check if I have omitted some words and then I hit publish! No change of words or lines. It is just about going with the flow!So feeling reading some poetry? Click on the Label- Poetry and you will find all the poems that I have written all these years. Read and enjoy! Keep smiling!
This is written as a part of IndiBlogger's IndiSpire Edition 14


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