And this one marks the century!

You read it right! This post marks the 100th post on my blog! 100th post and I wanna make it special. But I don't know what to write. It has been almost 3 years since I started this blog. But I did not write much in the initial days. This blog started as an assignment.So after that was over I kinda stopped writing here. And then some day all of a sudden I started writing here. And now this is where it has come. I don't have much of a story to tell on how this blog started as there is no much of a story. But I could tell you few milestones about my writing and the blog journey till today. Well a 100 milestones on the 100th post sounds cool. But I don't think I have 100 milestones to tell you about the blog. So lets see how many things I can tell you.

1. I don't exactly remember when I started writing stuff. The earliest I can remember is a poem I wrote. It was called "Who paints the flowers?". And the best part was that it was published! Little me was so happy to see my poem and my name in the newspaper. I still have a copy of it somewhere in the house.

2. Then as the years passed I kinda stopped writing. There were a thousand and one stories in my head. But I did not put any into writing. Ah! The world has lost so many great stories. I am damn sure I'd have been signing autographs now if I'd written all those. Reema Michelle D'souza would be the most famous name in the world.
P.S.: I love my full name!

3. The next poem I remember writing was "Stranded". I was sad that my best friend from school had shifted to a different place. I was so lonely. Not that I didn't have any friends, but she was my bestie! The story that follows is awesome. It is the reason I started writing more.I scribbled this poem on a sheet of paper and kept it in my Physics text book which I lent to one of my friends. And in all excitement to study, the book was opened in the van and there the paper in which I'd scribbled fell out. And then everyone around read it and liked it. And I didn't know whether I was supposed to be happy or sad. Confused me!

4. Then no writing till the end of 2nd year of PUC (Class 12). After all those dreaded board exams (I'd rather call them bored exams) and those hideous entrance exams, that spark of writing was rekindled. And I wrote a poem dedicated to my dad.

5. Then started my blog. Actually this wasn't the blog I'd created then. But it was a blog for an assignment.I wrote something and submitted and then all was forgotten.

6. The writer within me wanted to come out. So then started those notes on Facebook on which I'd tag everyone I thought would read. And I was pretty pleased with myself.

7. Next I started writing for all those sites which asked for poems and articles- Campus Writing, Let the good times roll, Voicesnet and the like. I wrote and wrote.

8. I then started sharing my opinions on The Teenager Today- a teenagers magazine.

9. And then finally I started this blog. But I just posted some poems which I'd written before and forgot about it.

10. Then WriterBabu happened. I wrote and wrote and shared the links of the things I'd posted there to my friends.

11. Then somehow (I still dunno how) I came back to my blog. Joined all the blogging sites! I saw an increase in the number of views-finally!

12. And then there came a time when I was on the editorial boards of all possible editorial boards in college. (I still am in some of those).

13. Some of my stuff started getting published in print and I was glad! Super duper happy! Newspaper, Magazines, College magazines!

14. Then my posts started getting WOWed and started getting picked as Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday Picks. I also got a Liebster Award!

15. And the big one came just a few days ago when the page views on my blog crossed 10,000.

Wow! What a journey it has been. From not writing at all, today I have come to the state where if I don't write something at least once a week I feel sick. This blog has now become an inseparable part of me. It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you my dear fellow bloggers and readers. I have grown with this blog. From writing not so good poems to writing great poems, attempting to write new sort of things I have come a long way. And I want this to continue till my last breath. Yeah, my last wish would be to write a post "Bye World I am dying! I'll see you soon from heaven", hit publish and then die.And till then I want to write as much as I can and I know that I will. I have this confidence because I have lovely readers like you all who keep reading my blog and ask me what's wrong if I don't write something for long. That is what keeps me going and it always will.

Keep reading and I promise to keep writing till my last breath.

Keep smiling.

Lots of love,

Reema Michelle D'souza :)

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