Please come back!

The blow to my perfect life that day,
When you were no more in this world to stay!
My little head could not comprehend,
What it meant for life to end!

I knew that you were ill,
But I never thought that it would kill.
I always thought you would get better,
My belief none could deter.

With my little hands folded I prayed,
Closed my eyes, asking God to come to your aid.
Forgot my mischief, became obedient and good,
Did all the little help that I could.

I never imagined that your time with me was so less,
You would be gone so fast I never did guess.
Yours was the hand that I held when I learned to walk,
You taught me the first words when I learned to talk.

The things that you taught me have borne fruit,
The virtues that you inculcated have taken deep root.
How I wish you were with me today,
How I wish I could have my way!

I thought you would be always there,
But destiny wasn't with me fair.
I always wanted you to see me grow,
Your absence always makes me feel low!

How I wish time had frozen when you were with me,
How happy life would then be!
Dad, I need you here more than God needs you,
Please come back, I miss you!

Today is my Dad's death anniversary. It is 12 years since he left us.
Here are the other poems that I have written for him:
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