I am me

It's so difficult to be yourself these days,
When life's a race, in so many different ways.
There is that urge to follow the herd,
No chance to have a voice of our own to be heard.

There are  many rules and regulations that the world puts on,
From the moment that you are born.
For everything you do there is a comment,
There isn't a day when people don't pass a judgement.

If you talk a lot you are annoying,
And if you don't you are not a darling.
If you laugh out loud you are rude,
And if  you don't you are as an idiot proved.

If you don't dress up stylishly, you are a bore,
And if you do there is criticism in store.
If you cry you are weak,
And if you try to be strong, then it's attention you seek.

But I don't like it that way,
Come what may.
I hate this world of pretense,
For to me it makes no sense.

I want to be the way I am,
In this world full of sham.
I love to be me,
I love to be free.

If you want to be with me,
Take me as I am and let me be.
Don't love me for whom you want me to be,
Even if you reject me I am going to be me!

Love me or hate me,
Accept me or disown me,
I don't care how you see,
I love myself and I love being me!

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