All I need

Through this busy life I run,
Patience sometimes I seem to have none.
I get angry and shout,
All I need is for someone to ask me what it is all about.

There are times when I feel alone,
Sometimes when I don't find anyone I've known.
When negativity gives me a tug,
All I need is a tight hug.

Often I feel low,
When life gives me a blow.
When from my eyes tears flow,
All I need is for someone to share my woe.

Sometimes when I have forgotten how to smile,
When happiness hasn't been with me for while.
When I feel that I am good for nothing,
All I need is for someone to make me feel worthy of something.

I don't desire for the big things,
For with big things come attached strings.
When I don't to know to go where,
All I need is for you to be there!

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