100 Happy days : Day 11-20

Another set of 10 days pass by in my challenge to find out at least one thing that makes me happy each day. These second set of 10 days were a lot harder than the first ones. In these 10 days, a lot of not so favourable things happened and then there was dad's death anniversary, illness and exams. So you see it was difficult. But then the best part of it all was that I did not give up. I just realized that no matter how sad and gloomy things are around you, there is always something that makes you happy. And this challenge is about that. About being happy!
So here are my happy moments from the past 10 days :)

Day 11:
A nap after a long time :)

Day 12:
Nature's lessons. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Day 13:
Two articles published in national youth monthly.

Day 14:
Mom's extra care when I am sick.

Day 15:
Getting to sing the passion on Good Friday. Blessed! And the appreciation that follows.

Day 16:
A walk in the rain. Such a nice feeling.

Day 17:
Easter! Don't need any other reason than the risen Lord!

Day 18:
Pardon me all the vegetarians here, but some dishes cooked by mom are  unbeatable like the fried fish here.

Day 19:

My poem is selected as a Tangy Tuesday Pick. Yippe!

Day 20:
Mangoes! Yum! And the first one this summer!