Tomorrow may never come

I stood there thinking about tomorrow,
Also thought about my yesterday's sorrow.
Life seemed to be so tough,
The seas I was sailing on seemed so rough.

I made plans for a better tomorrow,
My troubles I wished someone would borrow.
All I thought was about the future,
My talents I forgot to nurture.

All day long I sat and thought,
The answers to my many questions I sought.
I never did things that I was supposed to do that day,
For to me tomorrow always was the best day.

Time passed by this way,
Where my life was going I had no say.
My dreams remained dreams,
But I felt I had more time in life than it seems.

Then one day I saw death by side,
It had come to take away from this earthly ride.
I still hadn't achieved what I want to,
My plans for tomorrow were now not few.
I begged for some more time,
I felt I hadn't reached my life's prime.
It all seemed so strange,
I wanted time to change.
Death replied,"You fool, you had your time on this earth,
For opportunities you had no dearth.
You  chose to while away your time,
Rather than living a life sublime."

"Tomorrow was all you cared about,
But for the present you gave know thought.
And now your time is up,
You have had enough from this life's cup."

My cries for mercy fell on deaf ears,
I hadn't realized that numbered were my years.
Though it was too late for me, but I understood what this line sums,
"There is no guarantee that tomorrow ever comes."

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