For I am a woman, not a man!

To bring happiness to everyone around,
To make everyone smile even if I am down.
Born into this world to bring a joy,
I am girl, not a boy!

Growing up, I learned to be strong,
Through all those times when I was wronged.
I was the one to give love unconditional,
Chided many times for being so emotional.

Various roles I have to take,
Many sacrifices I have to make.
But I don't mind it at all,
I know how to rise when I fall.

When I think of living a life of my own,
I am greeted with nothing but a frown.
I am asked to forget it and do something that I can,
For I am a woman, not a man!

But sometimes when I am all alone,
I ask myself why do I not have a life of my own?
What about my many dreams?
Life is not just what it seems.

Sometimes I decide to give it a try,
But everyone opposes me and makes me cry.
Sad, tired and dejected, I think of giving it up all,
For the world thinks my dreams are big and I am small.

But what does the world know of my strength?
That to achieve my dreams I can go to any length.
I have the strength to bear it all,
But can never think of dreaming small.

How better a place the world would be!
If all could chase their dreams ever so free.
Why cut down the wings of dreams, the plan?
For I am a woman, not a man?
Though you give me all the pain,
Though you may make all my plans go in vain,
I will give you all the love I can,
For I am a woman, not a man!

Wishing all the lovely ladies a very happy Women's day!

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