The unfulfilled desires

With many dreams in my heart,
And I zillion thoughts in my head,
I look back to the beginning, the start,
And the path that from then that I have tread.

A lot of good things have come way,
A plenty of challenges too, some too hard to face.
Happiness has been there to stay,
I have lived out strong in this race.

Yet I do not feel complete,
There is something that is still amiss.
The feeling is still not sweet,
I still do not have the perfect bliss.

I ask myself why,
Why do I feel this way?
Is this about my dreams to reach the sky?
I don't know it is hard to say.

For then I have my secret desires,
The ones that I have kept buried deep within.
They are the ones for which not many aspire,
They take me to a place I have never been.

But I have kept them chained,
Thinking that they are all in vain.
For I was told nothing could be from them gained,
And all they gave was pain.

Then one day I found the key,
The key to open my secret treasure.
The one which let me flee,
To give me pleasure.

I finally decided to open the lock,
To bring all my dreams to reality.
I knew I was racing against the clock,
For my life was reaching towards it's finality!

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