Happy birthday Srish!

It's a story of just a few years ago. It's a new college, new atmosphere and I don't have many friends there. I go to college in a van and that was my first day in the van. After sometime we pick another girl who is from my college. I remember seeing her in class and so I say a "Hi". She doesn't reply and seems to be lost in her own world. I try looking at her but she is in a world of her own. I give up! We keep quiet and the journey towards college continues. Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me or be friends with me. That is what I think.
But I couldn't be more wrong. Looking at the present she has been one of my best presents ever! From a total stranger to my soul sister- a long journey but one which we have covered in a very short span of time. Whom am I talking about? My maddo, my mathe- my Srish- otherwise called as Srishti Miraj! :)
It was only that day that she didn't talk to me but once she started talking there was no end to it. She has been there for me ever since. From being a mom to me when I'm sick, to being there to patiently listen to all those 1001 things that I talk about, to being my accomplice in crime (:-P) she has done it all. And today is my special buddy's special day! It is her birthday! Happy birthday my mad lady!
And here is poem for you!
Happy birthday my dear friend,
May all your troubles this day end.
May you be blessed with happiness and joy,
Your life's every moment may you enjoy!
Dream big and may those dreams come true,
I'm glad to have a friend like you.
Let nothing take that smile away,
It has to be there forever to stay.
May God bless you with good health,
A lot of happiness and plenty of wealth.
You are special to me in ways more than one,
Let you life be filled with laughter and fun.
And once again my dear,
I wish you a happy birthday full of cheer! :-)

Oye my mad lady, you were like this
And now you are like this:
I hope to wish you on your 100th birthday as well! So stay happy and keep smiling always! Else you know what we'll do!
Waiting to give you birthday bumps! Get ready!
Love you my mad lady! Happy birthday once again Srish!