I am okay!

Pic credits: Vageesh Pyati
There are storms raging within,
In my mind there is such a din.
But I keep my calm and say,
I am okay.

My heart is broken apart,
I know there can never be a new start.
Yet I manage to say,
I am okay.

I've been crying night and day,
There is none that can wipe my tears away.
Still I put on a smile and say,
I am okay.

Lonely I am with none to hear,
It is this darkness that fear.
To myself I say,
I am okay.

Shattered are my dreams,
Life is difficult than it seems.
But I don't shed a tear when I say,
I am okay.

I always wonder why,
Why can't I bid these tears good bye!
Why can't I honestly say,
I am okay?

Is it wrong to pour your heart out?
About this I always have a doubt.
Why is it not okay to say,
I am not okay? 

Inspired by an article I read in the newspaper.

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