Random Thoughts-2

Picture Credits: Rachana Ravindrakumar.
Sometimes in life when everything seems alright, suddenly something happens that breaks the perfect life you had. Life seems difficult, everything seems to be falling apart. You feel like giving up everything. It hurts you more to think of the times from the past and you feel that you don't deserve it. You end up asking why. Why do I have to suffer for no fault of mine? Why do I have to be hurt always? Questions a plenty, but answers- none! When you feel you are going nowhere in life, when happiness isn't there, you give up all hope for a better life.
But then think of it. There is someone who cares. And if there is no one who cares, then there is a God who cares. All we have to do keep our faith. Be patient, things will never be the same. Someday they will change for the better. God never gives us suffering beyond our ability to bear it. If our life is difficult, he will give the strength to bear it as well.
The birds of the air find food, the flowers that are there today and gone tomorrow are endowed with beauty. If God cares so much for the little things, will He not care for us who are so much more precious to him?