My dear Dad!

When I was born, I was his bundle of joy;
He cared for me as much as he could,
His were the hands I held when I took my first steps,
He was the one who listened to my first chatter.
When I fell his were the arms that lifted me up,
When I was in tears his was the hug that consoled me.
As I grew up, my little pranks he did enjoy,
And even when he scolded me,he would come back and pacify me.
I felt secure, when he was around,
'Cause I didn't have to worry about anything.
I looked up to him as my model,
And I was happy, as everything was in order.
But,I'm sad to say, I was wrong,
As a quirk of fate took him away from me, far far away from me.
Tears I had in my eyes, that pain was hard for me to bear.
But, I was helpless; what could I do?
It was hard for my little mind to digest, that he wasn't anymore.
And as years passed by,I missed him always everyday of my life.
I think about his sacrifices that made my life better,
And find solace that he is always with me, watching me from heaven.
How badly do I miss him, and need him!
And sometimes I ask,
'Did God need my dear Dad more than I did?'.

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