Books in my hand, a zillion thoughts in my head,
I wonder what was it that I just read.
Were they equations?
Or only questions.
When am I gonna finish all this,
Is there something that I can give a miss.
Study well says mom,
With a stern voice like that in a thunderstorm!
I pick up a textbook,
Give it a good look.
How long would it take to finish this one,
I know it isn't fun.
Couldn't there be diffusion,
With the books contents in my head there would be no confusion.
I know I'm low on concentration,
But I can't study for a long duration.
I decide against taking a break,
Force my self, as my whole semester is at stake.
As I force myself more,
It turns out to be a snore.
Before I find out what is my score,
There I am with a loud snore.
I make plans to tackle my books,
But none is easy as it looks.
I then look at the time,
Sit back and make a rhyme.
I decide to study seriously,
But then I feel sleepy mysteriously!
And then books in my hand, a zillion thoughts in my head,
There I am sleeping peacefully in my bed!

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