Why me?

Things never go the way they should,
Life will never be what you thought it would.
Troubles a plenty came my way,
With courage I faced them everyday.
Things kept getting along,
And I kept becoming strong.
I cherished those little moments of joy,
The rare ones that came by.
But then my life kept filling with sorrow,
With no hope for a better tomorrow.
Difficulties continued to pour,
My life kept getting sore.
I've problems a plenty in this life's race,
Too many of them for me to face.
Broken I am into pieces,
The pain never ceases.
My spirit is now weak,
Rest is what I now seek.
I tried as hard as I could,
Smiled at troubles as much as I could.
But now it keeps weighing me down,
All that is left on my face is a frown.
I'm tired of telling "Try me",
All I keep asking is "Why me?".

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